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Sometimes I like to pretend that I can write. It makes teh womans think I am a sensitive, troubled, interesting young man, instead of a prick.

Here (eventually) you shall find a collection of my writings, which are vast in number and dubious in quality.


The Random Tales of Blairgowrie
Some of these were written in under one hour, as part of a little experiment I was doing with regards to the nature and structure of flash fiction. Some of them are good, some of them suck, some of them suffer a little from abrupt endings due to the strict time limit. Whatever, there have been written and now I present them to you, uneditied, for that is the nature of the game. That, and I can't be bothered.

Ged is Dead (The Last fight of the #57)
Ged versus bus. Short and stupid.

Dead Souls on Giro Day
A tale of the Morning After The Day Before Alcohol.

The Lord of the Salmon
A fisherman versus God. Guess who wins.

Special Ed.
The school punchbag is your Messiah. (winner of the DW award for only entry worth reading in the DW writing competion! I'm special too!)

The Summoning
Barry Summons Satan all over his garage. A personal favourate.


ManMan Memoirs
Doomworld has a lot to answer for, and one of those things is the creation of ManMan, the gay superfag and his appaulingly awful diaries. I take no resposibilty for this filth, I was young and stupid.

ManMan Memoirs I
In which ManMan destroys some retards.

ManMan Memoirs 2
In which ManMan destroys some furries.


Nick Baker
This is only included because Nick Baker is a Blubbering Vagina.

Nick Baker is a Blubbering Vagina
In which Nick Baker is still a Blubbering Vagina.




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