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this is art, baby. But do you like it?

I'll add more shit to this page when I do more shit. It's called shit management, and I am full of it.

This was just a little test I did using the new version of Freehand. I found it to be most erotic.

More new freehand goodness, this time my undead zombie bastard character for an RPG thing... best not to ask, really.

The band logo for my fictional superpunk group, Rectal Plectrum.

You know, I still can't remember why I did this little bit of graphic design. Whatever, it's cool and thus has a place on the page.

mmmmmmyyyyyyyyy skkkkkiiiiiiiiiinnnnnaaaahhh!

Zombies. This time, it's a samuri zombie. Will the zombie madness never end?

The front cover for my abortion of a novel.

My own personal glyph. I'm going to have it tattooed on my cock, right next to the health warning.

The process of the zombie. See how I make these craptastic images, if it so pleases you.

My christmas card design for 2004. It did not go down very well. Printable sized file, should you wish to see the results of incredibly poor foresight first-hand.

This was the first of the undead zombie bastards. Or near enough anyway.





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